Cannot connect to the internet after a system restore.

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    Hello, everyone.
    I am in a bit of trouble here. [see topic]
    Here is the story: I was normally browsing the internet when all of a sudden I got a popup asking to install an "Antivirus" named "Palladium". [Spyware] I restarted the computer only to see that it installed without agreeing; I was unable to run anything [This included task manager.] after awhile I was able to remove it. After running a scan over 5 times; it seems it was gone. [Malware' bytes antivirus was unable to pick it up for some reason.] When I restarted my computer and accessed the internet I kept getting some popups and the most notable being that my computer was trying to run an .exe file. Avira however, stopped this from happening. [The .exe files were randomly generated names. Something like XLh19.exe] I decided that it was time to do a system restore; after restoring the the furthest point [sometime during 2008.] I am now unable to connect to the internet. [It doesn't say anything like DNS error. It just says cannot connect to the internet, I can't even find an access point.]

    tl;dr: [see topic] and I don't want to do a system reformat as I have some very important data which I have no way of backing up. Is there any way to fix this?

    And for those who are going to be smart; I am using a different computer to access the internet.
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    This happened to me once, but I'm sure it was because I have a shitty modem.

    Try unplugging and replugging your modem (and router if you use one).
    If that doesn't work, give your ISP a call for help, they should be able to work something out.

    Other than that, I cannot thing of anything else. :\

    Good luck!
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