Can pokesav do this for me?

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    Hey guys. I'm playing a japanese translated Pokemon SS rom on my r4 sdhc. As of now, I'm trying to evolve a scyther and a haunter I have on my team, but I have no way of trading, nor do I have the appropriate item for the scyther. I was wondering if there is a pokesav cheat I can make that can make the haunter and scyther evolve at a certain level. I know it was possible on other games, but is it possible here? Also, I'm going to need a download link as to get the program and a little help as to how to do what I want. Thanks in advance guys.
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    Pokesav can't help you aside from adding the pokemon directly to your team or storage.

    Project Pokémon's ROM Editor (PPRE) however seems to be what you are after.
    Lets you edit pokemon rom, and change it to make scyther evolves on level instead of trade. Not sure how to do it myself though
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    u can "change" the species of the scyther to scizor and the haunter to gengar u will see wat i mean when u download pokesav and use it then u can go on or to see their skills and change their skills if the pre evolution skill is different