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    Jun 4, 2015
    This problem has been solved. The issue was using MenuHax and CakesFW auto-boot was causing a boot-loop whereas manually launching the CFW went fine. I've added notes about the solution to the problem at the bottom of the post. Here's the original question I posted:
    I'm using a N3DSXL on 9.2 with MenuHax 2.0 and CakesFW set up as the boot.3dsx.
    Normally when I start up the device, holding down L will cause the MenuHax image to display, then it successfully boots to CakesFW. But when I configure MenuHax to autoboot when L isn't pressed, it causes the MenuHax image to display, disappear, display again, and then the lower screen constantly flashes red in some kind of boot-loop. This also happens with MenuHax 2.1.

    Why does this happen? MenuHax seems to have no problem booting Cakes using the L trigger but as soon as I change it to autoboot, everything breaks.

    - Substituting the HB Launcher boot.3dsx back allows the 3DS to successfully autoboot into the Homebrew Launcher
    - Keeping cakes as boot.3dsx but changing MenuHax to launch with the L button also fixes the issue but requires the button to be pressed to enter CakesFW on boot

    It appears that the specific combination of MenuHax autoboot plus CakesFW as the boot.3dsx that causes this. Weird, huh?

    Attempting to autoboot it from CTR Boot Manager also doesn't work, yet manually selecting it and launching it from the manager does. So it looks like on my setup CakesFW must be manually launched, any process that launches it automatically will break compatibility for some reason.
    Turns out it was attempting to boot into sysNAND instead of emuNAND, and as a result it was looping in MenuHax.

    For those who experience the same issue:
    Make sure you have CakesFW configured to use emuNAND (if it's set to autoload, you can access the config menu by holding down L when Cakes is loading up).
    If you don't have emuNAND set up, make sure you do so with a tool like emuNAND (here's a tutorial).
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