CakesFW flashing red screen?

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    This problem has been solved. The issue was using MenuHax and CakesFW auto-boot was causing a boot-loop whereas manually launching the CFW went fine. I've added notes about the solution to the problem at the bottom of the post. Here's the original question I posted:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Turns out it was attempting to boot into sysNAND instead of emuNAND, and as a result it was looping in MenuHax.

    For those who experience the same issue:
    Make sure you have CakesFW configured to use emuNAND (if it's set to autoload, you can access the config menu by holding down L when Cakes is loading up).
    If you don't have emuNAND set up, make sure you do so with a tool like emuNAND (here's a tutorial).
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