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    Hi tempers! I've a question, I want to buy stuff over amazon but the shipping details are nowhere as clear as ebay (how much they will charge me by shipping stuff from USA to Chile). But I'm reading Amazon has this "Select FREE Saver Shipping at checkout", but I don't get it..

    Do I need to charge extra $25? Where can I check current countries covered by shipping? And how much $$ depending on the item?

    I have little experience acquiring products through ebay, but amazon.. nope.

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    1: Most sellers, and i'm pretty sure Amazon themselves wont ship outside their native country (.com to US, .ca to Canada, etc). Could be wrong on that one but I KNOW has essentially no one who ships to Canada...anywhere else would be an even bigger longshot.
    2: Super saver shipping is free shipping on orders over $25 when buying from Amazon as a seller. Again, not available for international purchases.
    3: Shipping is annoying to find out, you need to go all the way to right before you pay, and it lets you choose shipping method and shows you exactly what it'll cost.
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    Wouldn't YOU like to know?
    If you go through the process as if you're actually going to order, it will show you the total with shipping before you confirm it (assuming they ship to Chile). After you've seen the price you can decide whether to place the order or cancel it.

    Just speaking from personal experience, I order stuff from Amazon Japan occasionally, and the international shipping is ridiculously expensive.

    For example, the book Hyrule Historia was USD $41.29 and international shipping to the US was $39.96 for a total of $81.25--for just one copy.

    But if you ordered 10 copies of the book, it was USD $412.92 + $75.93, for a total of $488.85. If you divide that by ten, it only comes out to $48.89 per copy.

    So it's better to order only if you want to get a lot of stuff. But I can only speak for Amazon Japan, so you'll have to check with your situation.

    Amazon Japan doesn't ship games or movies to the US, but they'll ship just about anything else. But if you're buying from an independent seller on Amazon, they probably won't ship out of their country.