BSOD, constant browser/flash crashes, PC shutting down...

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    Hi guys, I once again need help with my constant browser/flash crashes and BSOD issues.

    Prior to all of this, I had a failing hard drive and bad RAM sticks that I received from the previous owner that I bought from (I still managed to get a good deal on the hardware, even though some were corrupted). Anyway, the OS (Windows 7) was corrupted and so I had to go buy a new hard drive and new RAM sticks as well as having to do a clean install of the OS

    During the first few days of the clean install, I was getting rampant BSODs which seemed to have mellowed out with the Windows Update and updating the drivers. I still occasionally get BSOD, but that's once every few days. The browser (Mozilla) on the other hand, keeps crashing numerous times, sometimes within a minute or two of each other and Flash seems to also be a problem. Also, my computer shuts down and reboots numerous of times, although not as much as Firefox, throughout the course of the day, no BSOD. It shuts down out of nowhere, restarts and takes me to the Windows did not properly shut down window, with the Safe mode options. And just recently, I got a BSOD, PC shut down and restarted to the Startup Repair. After a minute of waiting, it restarted back to Windows and I'm worried that it must have been something a bit more serious since I never had Startup Repair appear after a BSOD, until today

    I have not overclocked any hardware and I have tested the hard drive and RAM sticks with an HDD test on Hiren's Boot CD and Memtest.

    The hard drive came out with no errors after the HDD test, but one of the two 4 GB G Skill Ripjaws that I bought came out with an error on Memtest86+, which I was surprised to find since they were brand new (Not sure if I would be able to RMA it since I bought it from
    an eBay user)

    These are the steps I took in testing out the RAM sticks in Memtest86+

    1) First, I did the recommended 7 pass test for both RAM sticks on the two slots on my mobo (My mobo only has two)

    2) Two errors came up so after the initial 7 pass test, I removed one of the RAM sticks and restarted the Memtest on one RAM

    3) This RAM stick only came out with one error after 7 passes so I removed that RAM stick, added the second RAM stick on the same slot and restarted Memtest again.

    4) This second RAM stick came out with no errors, even after 12 passes (I left Memtest running overnight), which was surprising since there were two errors in the initial test and only one error between the two RAM sticks

    Based off of these tests, I think I can conclude that my motherboard is not failing and I only had one bad RAM stick.

    I'm not sure what to do from here, except from disposing of the bad RAM stick and having to do ANOTHER clean install (6th clean install I had to do, even after a hard drive and RAM stick change)

    Minidumps from the past few days are there below.

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  2. DCG

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    Did you test the other RAM slot aswell, with the propper stick? It could still be that your MoBo is dying, but you didn't get the bad slot...

    Flash has caused every pc in my houshold to crash at least twice (even 1800 euro pc's), it's a bitch and I can't wait till FF also starts supporting H.264 and sites all dump flash :/
    It hasn't crashed anymore lately though, so it might be worth trying to update it.

    At least contact the seller, and tell him at least one of the sticks is DOA (since he told it was brand new and you got errors since day one), he could contact the shop or factory and replace it (or you could contact the shop / factory, if he mails the reciept)
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    Still the windows kernel crashing, but there's once instance of adf.sys (though it's not the main cause since the kernel's crashing too).

    A BSOD at all is bad, if you're getting these BSODs within days of a clean install, there's other hardware issues.

    It may just be your motherboard.
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