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    I'm not even sure if this is possible, but this picture seems to imply that there was supposed to be speech in the NDS version: (Text Print Audio?)

    So I opened up the Wii version. For testing, I'm just going to look at the English speech stored in speech/speech_e.dat. This is a U8 archive. Uncompressed, it is a collection of 4245 DSP sound files.

    If the NDS version had originally included speech, if the files are in the right format and have the right name, the game should be able to detect it. However, it seems the best way to find this out would be to use a debugger, if there are any freeware ones available. Otherwise trial and error could be used... [​IMG]
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    Im going to bump this as i would like more people to see this, as i am also curious to find out as also the old PC version had speech. I have'nt had the time to play this yet but if theres nothing new in this version i'd rather play the ScummVM if compatible (& takes less room) but who knows, maybe the speech removal is whats "directors cut" as in its limited in what it can do (like Photoshop limited ed. [​IMG])
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    'Text Print Audio' refers to the typewriter sound of typing when the text comes on screen does it not?
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    Great game but just not the same without the voice acting. Any progress on this? Is it possible to use the wii version voices?
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    Text Print Audio, wouldn't that be like it shows sounds that you can't hear in this version.

    Kinda like if someone throws a stone through a window it would say on screen "Glass Breaks" since the actual sound isn't in the game.. maybe i'm thinking about it to much and it's more simple then that? xD
  6. cocomonk22

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    Sorry, thought I replied to this already, but Text Print Audio is indeed the typewriter sound effect, so I'm fairly sure any link to speech files in the DS version was removed. [​IMG]