Broken DS Screen

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    Mar 26, 2008
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    I have an original DS (Silver) that has a cracked top screen. About a year ago I took it to school in my backpack, and must have hit my backpack hard on something, as when I got home the screen was cracked in half and oozing purple stuff all over it.

    Otherwise, it works perfectly... I can use it to play GBA games on the bottom screen.

    Since Nintendo said it would cost $55 to repair or $65 to buy a refurbished DS, I just bought a new one so I have two. I've recently considered buying another top screen so I can repair the one that broke and have two working DSes (maybe I'll sell the older one, dunno.)

    I know Nintendo used to sell a "top screen replacement kit", but it's not on their store anymore. Anyone know where else to get one? I found a couple screens on eBay for like $45, but that seems a bit high as all I can get for a DS is $40 at EB Games... Anyone have a DS with a broken bottom screen they don't want or something?

    If this should go in the trading forum, someone can move it... but it's a DS specific question.