Broken 3DS Touchscreen/ DPad Help?

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    Occasionally, my 3DS touchscreen will have this black lines appear on it and disappear like static. The screen will also shift left to right and then go back to normal. Sometimes the entire screen will appear black and static movement and then go back to normal. It seems like something is wrong with it electronically. Otherwise it works fine and have no problem actually touching the screen.

    If i replace the LCD, will this fix it?

    Also, If a 3DS XL D-Pad only works in one direction (Only moves Down, Doesnt move Left-Right-Up), can that be fixed by replacement D-Pad or just modifying the hardware?
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    This is just speculation, but the first issue sounds like the ribbon connector for the lower LCD is ever so slightly loose. Normally if it's completely disconnected the console won't power on, but occasionally if the latch that secures it in place is just a bit loose or damaged, the console will work but you will have occasional distortions in the image like you've described. This is because, as you move the console slightly in your hands, the ribbon cable may also move just a bit. You can actually just tape the ribbon cable down if the latch on the ZIF connector isn't holding it firmly enough in place.

    Unfortunately, I don't know much about D-pad issues. You can replace the button contacts on the motherboard—they're just attached with adhesive—but if three directions aren't working there could be some actual physical damage to the board like a scratch. I would first try cleaning the contacts with isopropyl alcohol though just in case there is dirt or corrosion causing the problem. This has occasionally fixed motherboards I've had with D-pad issues, but not always.
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    If colored lines come and go on the bottom screen it is most likely that the ribbon cable to the bottom screen is loose, if the colored lines Stay and never go away then it is the lcd itself that is most likely broken luckily for you that is not the case. I have had a similar problem when reassembling a 3ds xl the top screen ribbon cable was loose and all I would get is a really static unclear image. If you do not know what you are doing or would want a visual tutorial to help you fix the problem follow these simple steps!!

    1. First and foremost, in order to fix the problem you need to open your 3ds xl, if you do this, you WILL lose your warranty with nintendo if they detect that you opened it, however this is such a simple fix you most likely may be able to do it undetected.

    2. The only tool you need is a #000 screwdriver or a small enough screw driver to remove the 3ds xl screws, first you remove the sd card, stylus, and any game cards next you UNSCREW, not completely take out the screws on the back cover, next you pop out the back plate to the 3ds xl by using the very small square area at the edge of the plate near the volume side, there are three clips, one near the home, start and select buttons, they should come loose with a pop like sound or not at all

    3 Next ounce you have the console open you need to unsrew and completely remove SEVEN screws, two under the rubber bumpers, one on the game card slot, and the four in the different holes NOTE: when unscrewing press as hard as you can and turn slowly to make sure the screw moves, I will not tell you how many times I have stripped a screw from pressing too lightly, ounce they are stripped they are almost impossible to remove!!

    4 Now ounce you have all those screws out SLOWLY SLOWLY SLOWLY take the front part of the black back and place it on the top of the console the L and r buttons are still connected, disconnect them and put all of your focus on the large cable next to the microphone port that is orange, make sure it is all the way in and if it isn't unlock the cable piece by flipping the white piece holding down the cable upward and slide it back in yourself, making sure that the yellow tip is PERFECTLY inserted not leaning out one way or the other, one mistake and its back to a glitchy screen

    5 you can check your work by holding the battery in place while powering on the console to see if the console screen is any better, if the connector to the console or the white piece is the problem but something over it like tape to hold down the connection. Here is a youtube video of a motherboard swap to help you, DO NOT FOLLOW THE STEPS IN THIS TUTORIAL, your only focus and purpose is on the large yellow cable near the microphone. Your welcome!!

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