Bricked Wii Is recovery possible?

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    My friend has recently given me a wii and i believe it has a full brick ive tried everything under the sun and cant figure it out. I'm assuming it has bootmii or cboot on it since i cant get a sd card with cboot2 dol loader to show up but i cant get that to load anything it says unable to load ios. would anyone have a suggestion on how this could be recovered. I have also tried using a GameCube controller in port 4 with all 4 dpad buttons held down but i get no video or anything doing that. I have me wii and a nand dump from i could use as a donor using betwin if anyone knows a way i can get the key from the bricked wii?

    EDIT:It does have bootmii on it i was able to boot to that and im trying to dump it to get the keys.bin
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    I helped someone recover a Wii in a similar situation before. It had Bootmii/Boot2 installed, and the system worked for the most part for retail games, and HBC loaded; however, when starting any homebrew, it loaded a stubbed IOS, which effectively broke it. (Any attempts to reinstall HBC failed.)

    What I ended up doing was taking a NAND backup using Bootmii, then using Ohneschwanzenegger to reinstall the System Menu and all IOSes. I then restored the NAND using Bootmii.

    Make sure you keep the original backup just in case.