brand new supercard ds(one) doesn't boot up

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  1. 02sugand

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    Dec 28, 2006
    hey all.
    I just got a nds for Christmas. so i'am basically new to all this. i opted to get a supercard ds(one) solu for my nds lite. It arrived today. now i'am not sure if i have done something wrong or if it's supercard ds(one) itself is the problem. Basically this what i have done i have formatted(FAT) my mircoSD(kingston japan, 1 GB) and put shell folder and MSFORCE.NDS in the root(got these from put the mircroSD into supercard and put that into my nds lite. now when i start my nds lite i first get the Health and safety screen where it's says to touch screen to continue. after i do that it takes me to nds default frontpage. i'am not sure what i'am doing wrong. this doesn't come with a manual or something that i can lookup. any help will be appreciate. ty [​IMG]

    edit1: lol. i think in my nervousness i have posted this in the wrong section. sori about that if some can movie it to the appropriate section. i would appreciate very much. ty
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    Sep 3, 2006
    have you got a slot 1 device (passkey, superkey) etc??

    oops just realised it is a slot 1 device i do apologise [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]