BOTW Trainer by joffnerd needs to be updated

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    I couldn't find the official release post for the trainer, so I figured I would make my own post.

    If there is an official release post for the trainer, please let me know so I can post this there.

    BOTW Trainer by joffnerd -

    But the BOTW Trainer by joffnerd needs to be updated for use with the latest BOTW update (v80).
    I have tried to use the latest version of the BOTW trainer, but as soon as I click connect, I get a black error screen. So the latest trainer version does not work with v80 of Breath of the Wild.

    Its just a heads up, so those of you that want to still use the trainer, stay on v64. If you updated your BOTW like I did, then delete the update from system settings, then download the v64 update from USB Helper and install it via HBL/WUP Installer GX2.
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    Yes we know. He's busy with some IRL stuff, i think he said he would update the trainer this week?
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    He did, and I also posted that I would try to release a revision B of the current version. I apologize for posting such a statement and not yet being able to deliver. I recently started a new job on a 5th shift, which is a 12 hour shift over Friday Saturday and Sunday nights. The last few days since I posted have been a bit tedious balancing programming knowledge and what I am learning on the machine I am running because of the way I am use to thinking of dimensions in a 3D aspect.

    That said, please just wait until one of us can provide a fix, I promise I will at least continue trying to provide an update. I believe I have gotten a few offsets, but not all of them as they do not seem to have shifted the same value. If you really must edit an item, please use the latest version of jgeckou and tcpgecko from @BullyWiiPlaza. They both still work with BotW and you can search for your item in the 43xxxxxx-44xxxxxx range for now using lists in the other thread.

    If you need to convert text into an 32bit integer (text into hex is what I really mean, so you can find the item you want to edit), go to and enter part of the item name in text and convert it to hex so you know what to search.

    You can edit the items the same way you can with the trainer if you look through previous information as well, and use the previous mentioned website to convert the "item names" to hex, editing them in the memory viewer tab.

    Again I apologize for jumping the gun myself in the other thread.

    PS> You only need the newer versions of jgeckou and tcpgecko. Courtney's codehandler.bin will still work just fine, it is the new commands (internal coding) that the latest jgeckou version needs is why you need to update.
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    Oh ok, thank you guys. I didn't know he knew there was a new update released for BOTW. My bad.

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    I posted a new version earlier, see if that's working for you
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    Yup, its working great!

    And everything that I tried seems to be working fine, no issues at all so far.

    Thank you for the update!!! Ever since I finished the main quests/storyline in BOTW, I have used your trainer. And it makes the game even better then it already is. I like to climb huge walls without worrying about running out of stamina. lol.

    Thank you again!!!

    Things I tried so far:

    -Codes Tab-
    Stamina (Infinite)
    Health (Infinite)
    Durability (W/B/S)
    Divine Beasts Abilities (Infinite)
    Bomb Time
    Stasis Cooldown

    -Armor Tab-
    I upgraded some of my armors to the highest level by editing the ID of the armor.

    -Key Items Tab-
    Edited my Korok seeds amount.

    -Materials Tab-
    Edited one of my fish to a kind of fish I needed for a quest.