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    Before i say anything, I just want to point out that my wii is NOT bricked.
    So, it all started when something weird happened to HBC when i booted it. Once opened, everything is upside down and the ios says IOS58 v255.255. I tried going into WiiMod, thinking i could fix the problem by installing IOS58 (I assumed it somehow got deleted, but since it wasn't there was nothing I could do in there. Also, the current IOS when I launched it was IOS61 instead of IOS58) Now, I have several NAND backups and I thought of using one to fix the problem, but when i launched BootMii and went to RecoverMii, it said "BootMii wasn't found and it was too dangerous to contiue and if something went wrong it could leave me with an unbootable wii.. bla bla bla bla bla KONOMI (whatever it meant by that) bla bla bla Press [Z] to give up" (I'm 99.9% sure that had something to do with gamecube controllers). I tried pressing the power button that just makes it say "Try harder, Hashimoto-San!" So all i could do was unplug the console and plug it back in. After that everything was working fine (well, except the homebrew launcher and all that, i mean). So why won't it let me use my backup?
    P.S. I have bootmii installed as IOS
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    If you do not have BootMii installed in boot2 (not only as IOS, that will not help) and something goes wrong (e.g. power outage, choosing a corrupt backup) while trying to restore, you might end up with a totally(!!) bricked Wii – no way to recover without hardmod. Because of that, BootMii does not allow you to simply start the restore. You have to confirm actively that you know about the risk and can’t pretend that you started a potentially dangerous process by accident.


    I will not take any responsibility if something goes wrong. You have to enter the Konami Code with a Gamecube controller. If you do not know it, search the web. You will find it in Wikipedia. Maybe someone with more knowledge about the Wii can help you without restoring a backup. However, it is good to have NAND backups.
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    Use Modmii's hackmii solutions wizard and it will simplify the process
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