Blue Dragon Awakened Shadow US - Undub Patch

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    Since I registered here not too long ago I figured out i should do something useful :D .
    This is for an underrated A-RPG for the DS.

    Xdelta Undub patch to restore JAP voices for the DS game
    4956 - Blue Dragon - Awakened Shadow (U)(BAHAMUT)
    Patch version : v0.3 (July 2012)*

    Mediafire link:

    The characters now will revert to their original voices, replacing
    the horrendous US dub where Shu, Jiro, and the male PC are all
    voiced by the same person. Worse, for the PC characters,
    you were supposed to be able to choose their voice from 4 actors.
    In the US/PAL versions though...

    The changes to JAP version apply for:
    * Voices during the main story.
    * Battle grunts
    * Battle attack cry (No worry here, since the attacks are also written
    in english on-screen)

    Use Xdelta to apply it
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    Thanks for this thread. Took me abit of time to find that this game has horrendous battle voices.