BLOOD ps4 fat power supply


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Oct 28, 2021
Hi guys, i'm having trouble repairing a PS4 fat ADP 240AR power supply.

Checking I found several problems (the components that I changed I put it with red color) in the 5v sector and a burnt power resistor which did not allow the activation of the 12v.

Once fixed, the power supply extends the 5v and 12 (when bridging standby and 5v) but when testing it on the console it turns on with blue light and then turns off (if I try to turn it on again the console does not turn on until I leave it disconnected for a while) I think they call these symptoms BLOOD. I used a 600w atx source and tested the ps4, it works fine, apparently the problem is in the original power source

I checked and I think the problem lies with some smd component. What would be the next step to follow? I dont have oscilloscope.

Thanks to a fellow on the forum, I can use a schematic and a photo of the tracks on the board. Which makes it easier for me to know where each signal is going, the thing is that I don't know how to continue.

I am going to post the modified schematic where I have some annotations


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