Black Screen trying to install boot9strap

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  1. xHomerOx

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    May 28, 2016
    I'm having a very uncommon problem, tried different ways, but i can't boot into the B9S installer with an stock 9.2.0-20U following Every time i go to safehax, i got black screen and cannot boot into the SafeB9SInstaller. Don't know why but i googled it and i don't find the answer. I will upload the image of my SD files (downloaded from a tutorial and the same as the 3dsguide files). Any help would be appreciated.

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    Not sure what the problem could be but try downloading them from the links in to make sure you have the most up-to-date files.
  3. SonicMC

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    did you make sure:
    Ensure your device’s Wireless Communication is turned on as udsploit (used in the next page) will need the wireless module to be active to function, and some devices (New 3DS and 2DS) cannot adjust the Wireless Communication setting from the Homebrew Launcher. Wireless Communication only has to be on; connecting it to an access point is not required.

    also did you try both safehax revisions as the guide suggests

    these were both listed as things to try in the guide. So just double checking these were done.
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    Potentially related reading, though this may not be the same issue as yours blackscreens instead of reporting "PM INIT FAILED":

    Might be worth trying r19

    If all else fails, safehax isn't strictly required on 9.2 because that firmware version has other exploits available that allow running arm9 payloads. The guide understandably doesn't cover this because it's easier to just have everyone use the same thing, but:

    I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to run SafeB9SInstaller via browser exploit on 9.2, though I can't exactly confirm right now since I don't have a stock 9.2 3DS to do this on; Luma 8.0 seems to be breaking compatibility with all such exploits and going back to stock/a9lh just to try this wouldn't be worth the hassle.

    If this fails it may be worth trying Brahma, though this is outside the scope of the guide (read the readme; in this case you want to get SafeB9SInstaller.bin)
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    May 28, 2016
    UPDATE: Figured the problem. The N3DSXL is probably partially downgraded, why, because i accidentally updated to 11.4 and i sent to my friend so he can downgrade it with his source 3DS. I have the 9.2 but most Homebrew programs gives me black screen. I'm lost here because i don't know what to do. I have a NAND backup but i don't know how to downgrade without homebrew...