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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by coedshowers, May 20, 2009.

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    Apr 2, 2009
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    last night i was fixing up this wii for my gf cios usb loader etc.... everything went fine everything was working then i turned it off and went to "find" punch out and when i turned it back on all i get is a black screen no "corrupt system" message nothing at all just a black screen and preloader doesn't work anymore either.. the whole point of preloader is to stop from bricks so im like wtf!!! but i bought another one from a "gaming store" a week ago so i swapped cases and im taking the bad one back tonight to get another one under their warranty:x but still it pissed me off i tried no sd card in it i tried 3 diff video cables 2 av and 1 hd 2 diff power cables.. i've done many many wii's nothing like this has ever happened not when it was working fine with usbloader and cios then all of the sudden nothing on next boot...
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    You've turned hacks on with Preloader?

    May one of those cause the problem.
    Press RESET while hit POWER as quickly as possible.
    If you don't come into the Preloader Menu..

    Than this is a really weird problem
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    As you have been swapping cases recently I would suspect a dislodged bluetooth - especially if there was a video signal (i.e absence of a no signal message on your tv) and your wiimotes didnt sync.
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    This can happen with pre-loader if you have done this:

    Set pre-loader to use an IOS that doesn't work with the current system menu EG: setting any IOS other than 60 for 4.0 etc etc
    Then setting pre-loader to boot to the menu as default.
    This results in a black screen.

    If this is what you've done then do this:
    Power off the Wii.
    Hold reset and keep it held while you power the Wii on.
    Pre-loader will appear, now change the IOS to whatever your menu requires.

    Just posting incase this is what you've done, hope you get it sorted.