Black Screen after Updating Emunand

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    Mar 30, 2014
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    Problem Solved

    Someone Please help, Its my first time doing this
    I formatted my SD card for emunand
    triple checked that the firmware said GW3D 4.4 0-10U (Im On Omega BTW)
    i then updated the firmware now I cant boot gateway mode
    All I get is a black screen then I'm forced to hold the power button to shut it down
    What did i do wrong?
    Any help is appreciated

    Also, my firmware is still at 4.4 right now and I can get into the gateway menu

    EDIT :How to i Format my SD card back to its original size?
    its a 2gb but now its 939 mb because I formatted it for the emunand

    EDIT 2 : I Tried Another SD card And still same black screen this one had a bunch of lines
    I can turn On the 3ds like normal and go to the gateway menu but as soon as I launch
    gateway mode it black screens

    EDIT 3 : Now it works, I just kept on trying to start gateway mode
    Also I think I figured out what i was doing wrong
    I just didn't wait long enough for it to boot gateway mode
    I'm used to it booting almost instantly from when I was 4.4 (now its 20 seconds on the new Firmware)
    now i feel stupid.
    I would still like an answer for my format SD question
  2. JinbuKami

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    Feb 21, 2014
    google for "sd formatter" software, its a small file that will format everything. gl