ROM Hack Binding of Isaac Save transfer help needed


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Jul 31, 2016
Hey guys!

please help me)

i own N3DS ( USA) + Gateway
i have installed binding of isaac cryptofixed cia version 1.052 and had a very great time with it, unlocked a lot of stuff/achievements
however yesterday the game started crashing with "an error occured, please press power button and contact nintendo bla bla bla" on black screen after 15 seconds of gameplay

i saw an advise somewhere on the web that i should disassemble the system and reconnect the wifi card, but it seems like it can be applied only to older versions of 3ds since they have a discreet wifi card while the new 3ds' card is a chip that is soldered to the board
then i downloaded the game from eshop so that i have 2 binding of isaac installed. the new one works fine but i need to transfer the save file from the old one somehow

anybody faced such a problem? how can i transfer the save file from one cia game to another?

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    Skelletonike @ Skelletonike: Portugal, a small country, has way too many immigrants.