Biggest size Micro SD card, and have you tried it on the switch?

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    I was looking for SD cards on sale to purchase, and I remembered that I don't have one for my nintendo switch yet. Eventually I will with the limited storage it has and with updates/dlc and exclusive eshop games, is gonna be filled fast. So I was thinking of maybe getting just a huge one and sticking in there to forget about. But I dunno if it works or not. (Honestly maybe exaggeration as it may even be too much) So just curious if anyone tried it? What is the biggest size currently and how well does it work? Honestly I wouldn't mind a HDD usb in dock especially with USB3.0 in it.
  2. Shadow#1

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    256GB and Switch supports exFAT
  3. Captain_N

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    id be nice if a sd card slot to sata interface adapter was made..... The adapter would emulate a sd card using the storage of the hard drive
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    The Switch can support 2TB microSDs. Even though they don't exist yet, or at the very least, not for the public.
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    400 GB is the largest micro SD card size currently.
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