Best US-based shop for the DStwo?

Discussion in 'Supercard' started by TwinRetro, May 18, 2012.

  1. TwinRetro

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    Aug 29, 2008
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    RHS is still my top choice. Even when it was hacked, there were no charges on my card that seemed out of place. Never even heard of the other two.
  2. ninjakoopa

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    May 14, 2012
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    I'm looking to buy a DStwo, but I had a few questions about the sites I was considering (As the topic title says, I'd prefer a store in the US). would be my first choice ($36.80 from a discount code, and free shipping). There aren't that many reviews, though, so I just want to double-check: Are they very reliable? Do they have fast shipping and good customer service?

    My second choice would be RealHotStuff ($39 + free shipping). My only reservation about them would be the (somewhat) recent hacking. Has anyone had any problems with them since then?

    I had also considered DigiTopz ($35.15 + free shipping), but I don't think it's based in the US, is it?
  3. Chubbo1793

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    Dec 3, 2010
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    Same here. I ordered a DSTWO a year ago from RHS and got it quickly. There hasn't been any extra charges from them, so it seems they're safe.
  4. jesterscourt

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    Jan 3, 2007
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    Would still recommend RHS. Use a credit card for online protection.
  5. syfyTy

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    Apr 11, 2011
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    I realize you are looking for US cart shops but the one I use in Canada is very reliable and honest. Kickgaming, I'm in the US too of course... Also thier shipping is reasonable time too. Been buying from them for years, many times for various people and the 1 problem (lost shipping), they corrected at thier expense, without problems.
    Thier prices fluctuate from time to time by a few dollars 3-5
  6. C-Kronos

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    Mar 11, 2010
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    Realhotstuff is the way to go, I've used them for all my gba and ds related flashcart products, and I've never had an issue with them. Heck, when I order from them, I usually get my items within 2-3 days depending on what day I ordered. They have reasonable prices, free shipping on a lot of stuff, and are very consistent and reliable when it comes to the time it takes to have the stuff delivered. They also have fairly decent customer service and are usually willing to help if you have an issue with a product. I haven't had any negative experiences with them, and I've been going through them for several years. I wouldn't use anywhere else for DS/GBA stuff.
  7. Frizza

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    May 18, 2012
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    i bought my ak2i from, everything is fine about them. I am sure they are a US based site, received my card in about 3 days. Digitopz is also a reliable site, but they sent the item from Hongkong china. Realhotsthff is recommended by many guys in this site, so not bad either. confirmed, so its my choose!