Best chkdsk alternative

Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by yusuo, Sep 13, 2012.

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    Im looking for a program that does basically the same job as Chkdsk and schedules to run on start up, basically my pc likes to restart alot. it doesnt have a dvd/cd drive and the only usb stick I got seems to freeze no matter what I do

    Any suggestions
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    I am quite partial to as it has saved drives and data on several occasions for me (up to and including dodgy partition tables).

    Frankly though windows checkdisk/scandisk does quite well and if really necessary it is probably best to grab something like bartpe and/or Hiren’s BootCD (which also has the other nice tools for software driven drive recovery) and run it from outside the main windows install (bartpe being able to call your normal windows drive just a drive and still having scandisk).

    Getting back to the matter at hand/trying to fit your requirements (personally I would at least invest in a working USB drive and preferably a caddy with an optical drive in) I recall a defrag program I used to like using had a half decent one that could try to subvert startup but I can not recall the name and frankly windows itself works quite well and the other things I listed do anything I need there.

    Also as for your batch installer topic I did want to note that ninite does offer some closed source stuff including office (although I have not tried converting starter into a big boy version of office). Trouble is any time I have needed true auto deployment something has come in MSI form or I have bashed together (read stolen and rejiggered) something with autoIT neither of which are the learning macro style install you wanted.