Besides dumping GBA roms and saves, is there anything I can do with a regular DS but not with a 3DS?

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    I have a normal 3DS and a flashcart, and I'm just wondering if there's anything interesting I can do with that that I can't do better on my CFW 2DS XL, besides dumping stuff from GBA carts, which can be fun and interesting.
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    Things a DS-(Lite|Phat) can do, but a 2/3DS(and DSi) not:

    GBA games with additional sensors like Yoshi's Universal Gravitation
    In know a patch exists, but that's not the point. You can't play this game as intended.

    Using any peripherals that require "SLOT-2":
    • Rumble Pack (many games)
    • "Nintendo MP3 Player"
    • The crappy old Opera Browser for DS requires more RAM to even boot. "Expansion Pack" (I don't know if TWiLight Menu++ and a patch could convince the useless browser to boot in DSi mode which has enough RAM)
    • Connection between DS and GBA games. Example: moving Pokemon from generation 3 to generation 4.
    • Moonshell crashed for me and some things did not work without more RAM… Guess why I bought the crappy browser for a few cents.
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    What KleinesSinchen said. Though with the exception of pokemon and possibly megaman most of those games that look at the GBA slot for perks just look for the header of the game (I tested it way back with an old school NOR flash cart and just writing the header of a game) which also means you could probably make a cheat to fake it, indeed you might even be able to encode a save and have it load that somehow if you really wanted but that would be a lot of effort when emulators will do it for you.

    To add to the peripherals there is also the taito paddle switch, only a handful of games use it but it did also see a hack for Mario Kart to use it.

    Face training apparently came with a camera


    There are a couple of homebrew titles that see you swap out the DS cart. Most of those are dumping or save related which 3ds homebrew should handle.

    In addition to the tilt sensor games on the GBA there are a few other games like plaston gate and Legendz that were doing the expensive plastic statues routine all the way back in 2002 and a few years after that has fixes for a couple. Also notes a few others like Boktai with a solar sensor.
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    I think that the regular ds screen has pressure sensitivity which the newer ones don't have. But it was mainly used in colors ds
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    Flashme - although if you have a DSi with Unlaunch, you can set it to autoboot slot-1 (reduced compatibility, though) as well as running an (hypothetical?) signature patched version of the download play client...