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    I've never used or purchased anything involving before, so I'm a little confused as to the EU and US differences.

    Am I correct in understanding these are two separate servers, and whatever I have on one wont carry over onto the other? If so, when I purchase the game will I be stuck on the region I purchased it on? I'm asking this because buying the game with the expansion is considerably cheaper on US rather than EU. My plan is to buy the game on US (is this possible from the UK?), and play with both US and EU friends (not at the same time necessarily). To buy the US version is roughly £36, whereas the EU version would cost £50.

    Cheers :)

    Okay I'm retarded, I'll be able to play on any region. I guess this is now just a question about purchasing on the US site instead? I have a US VPN if they try make it tricky I guess.
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    I forgot
    You should be fine buying it on the US Store from what I can tell.

    Though from a little bit of googling, it's recommended you buy RoS as a gift and then just activate the gift code on your EU account.
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    Do a lot of people play Diablo III these days? I know the expansion set is just released, but I haven't seen anyone playing it yet around me.
    They're just too into LoL and Dota2.
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    Whoa! I clicked that link and you have like ten 70 chars with hardcore... That's awesome :)