Battery died :/

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    Hello I bought a EZ-Flash IV back in March and it worked flawlessly until today. Everytime I start it up now it says "WARNING! Low SRAM Battery!". The SRAM Battery is probobly the internal battery in the cart, though I bought it brand new and heard batteries last years before dying, though mine died already. I guess I need to replace it but what battery do I use?

    I have a 2015 microSD model of the EZ-FLASH just in case that is important.

    EDIT: I think I posted it in the wrong place since it is the MicroSD version and not the 3 in 1. Sorry about that.
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    It was important as the 2015/microSD model changed it. It is now a CR2025. It will need to have tags as well, which you may have to bend into shape.
    Before you do set about changing it make sure it is not just a bad solder joint. Some of the earlier pictures of them did not have great soldering.

    This forum is fine as well -- the original EZ4 stuff was a DS flash cart that happened to also run GBA, it was only comparatively recently that it lost DS mode.