Basic Do's and Do NOT's of vWii modding

Discussion in 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' started by damysteryman, Dec 17, 2012.

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    Generally WiiWare WADs are Ok, if you know the source. Only forwarders and custom WADs are really risky. But "bricking" vWii is also Ok, you can make Wii U forwarders for loading everything directly from Wii U menu and even use the HBL2HBC homebrew to jump directly into the Homebrew Channel, bypassing the vWii Menu and fortunately "the brick".
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    It says the original post was last updated in 2017, have there been any developments or things learned in the last couple years that are important enough to add to it? I definitely agree with not messing around with things if you're not certain you know what you're doing, and unfortunately I'm a moron with this stuff plus I have no idea what advice is outdated or not, especially now that I'm guessing the Wii U is no longer online.
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    My vWii is saying "Your Wii System Memory is full" every time I load it, despite this not being the case. If go into data management, it will always say 0 blocks, even if I delete something. I can still install and uninstall WADs through modmii, so I know there is space for sure. Normally this wouldnt be an issue, but a WiiU app I want to use requires there be free vWii space.

    Any ideas?
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