Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance LIKE game?

Discussion in 'PS3 - Games & Content' started by Another World, Apr 29, 2011.

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    I am a huge fan of the Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance series. I really love the graphics, overhead view, leveling system, weapons system, magic system, and most importantly the hack and slash fun. I'm looking for a really fun hack and slash game with Baldur's Gate LIKE gameplay for the PS3/PSN.

    Any suggestions of what to check out?

    -Another World
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    Sacred 2: Fallen Angel got a PS3 port at one point. I have not played a console version but it was about as close as I have found in recent years to such a thing.

    I will mention graphics though- you say like Baldur's gate which are murky (in a good way) where these are very bright.

    I would say Marvel: Ultimate Alliance but I would rather not add you to the list of people that owe me a kick in the nuts.

    Untold Legends Dark Kingdom might count although it will be close and the age of it is showing a bit (it being a release title and all).

    I have not played Torchlight or Darkspore so I will avoid comment.

    Dungeon Siege III, White Knight Chronicles 2 (maybe) and Hunted: The Demon's Forge (other than fantasy setting probably not what you are looking for) are due out at various points in the coming months though (finally- the hack and slash/dungeon crawling pot has been somewhat dry lately).
    Snowblind appear to have got themselves a run at the Lord of the rings franchise as well although there is no word of a release date that I can see.
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    Would Lara Croft fall in the hack & slash category?
    She has a weapon only though, no magic [​IMG]
    But the view is the same. I didn't play it yet, so I don't know how it feels.
    It looks like there's a coop mode, like Baldur's gate.

    Diablo III, when it will be released, but it's more a point&click mouse-type game.

    Overlord, even if it's not the same kind, it was a fun game to play and slash things.

    I liked Baldur's gate 1 and 2, I may try the games you mentioned [​IMG]
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    Err, didn't know that came out for ps3\psn. xD

    Untold Legends Dark Kingdom is the only one i can think of now and it's been mentioned already, it's rather fun actually, altough probably more so with a buddy in co-op.
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    Try the Dragon Age series. It's a Bioware game(With David Gaider, who worked on Baldurs Gate 2, as lead writer) and considered a spiritual successor to the Baldurs Gate games.
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    Dragon age is kinda more like old baldure games, and untold legends are pretty straight forward and I personally found them really boring after a while.
    Sacred 2 on ps3 is so far best diablo like hack n slash game on ps3 (again personal opinion ) ; and if youre not looking for a coop game you can try darksiders (a bit like untold legends ),and theres dungeon hunter i never played that also looks like bg alliance..

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    dungeon hunter looks BG-like enough [​IMG]
    Though graphically it looks cartoon-ish while BG were more mature, but it should be fun to play.
    Thanks for the game name [​IMG]

    About darksiders, I don't think it has enough Baldur's gate feeling. The 3D view makes it more like an action game (a devil may cry-like).
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    You could try the new D&D Daggerdale game. Dunno was the Bard's Tale 'reboot' any good which looks similar.