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    Mar 2, 2014
    Hi all

    Received a Shell + Joycon replacement kit from Amazon. Giddy as hell to get hands-on, I watched a couple of tutorials on Youtube and a quick skim on Google all mostly saying the same stuff. Trying to do the first part is where I come across a snag in my plan. First 3 back screws no problem. Last screw I think I may of accidentally threaded, so I stopped and screwed everything back where it should be.

    My question is what are my options. Is there a way to remove the final screw? Should I take it to a repair place where they may have more luck? Have I botched it up? Is there really any solution other than just leave it alone?

    What are your thoughts? :unsure:

    Thank you for any replies
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    Use a drill bit to remove the head of the screw, you will be able to open it from there.

    Then, if there is enough of the screw sticking up, use vice grips or pliers to unscrew the rest of it.