Avoid Ordering From ModChipsDirect (For Now)

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    TL;DR Below is a very recent customer service exchange with ModChipsDirect. Their website is still advertising super fast shipping from the US; and no bulk alert has been sent to customers advising unforeseen delays.

    Clearly nobody will think I'm the world's nicest guy — but for those about to buy new 3DS flashcarts in the USA — this might deter you from buying at MDC.

    Nov 19 - Me to MCD:

    This order was submitted on the 17th and was scheduled to ship within 1
    day. It is now the 19th and no shipping has occurred. Please ship asap.

    Thank you,

    (My Name)

    Nov 19 - MCD to Me:
    We hope within 24 hours
    really sorry, shipper is in Buffalo NYC, and over the last 3 days its
    been snowing there like crazy, 4 + people dead, etc. Mail services shut

    Nov 20 - Me to MCD:

    Yes, I live in New York. It’s very scary. Why aren’t they driving the
    shipments to a drop off location?

    Thank you,

    (My Name)

    Nov 20 - MCD to Me:

    Because they cannot leave the house!

    Nov 21 - Me to MCD:

    I understand there was a disaster, but from a customer point of view —
    no action was taken to alert customers with pending orders and no action
    was taken to advise customers on your website. What was your company’s
    strategy? To pretend it didn’t happen and write curt and uncourteous
    responses to your customers?

    And if your team is truly on weather related house arrest, why aren’t
    they supporting your site by reaching out to customers?

    I work in eCommerce, I know this game. I understand that I sound like a
    dick. But guess what? I paid for something I’m not getting, and I can
    get it elsewhere.

    I will be reviewing this transaction on Reddit and GBATemp.

    Please fulfill or forego my purchase.

    Nov 22 - MCD to Me:

    You do sound like a dick, but I can understand your frustration. You are
    not covered in snow, and your neighbour isn’t in a coma so there is
    nothing in front of you to really be compassionate about the situation.

    Its hard to know what is happening the next day with mail services when
    the weather is so unpredictable.
    If you want to cancel your order let me know.

    Nov 23 - Me to MCD:

    Calm down. I survived Sandy. Your highways are already open, your storm is already over. Sandy caused NYC $65 Billion in damage — people were running around my neighborhood screaming for food in lower Manhattan. BTW — since I didn’t care enough to point it out before, Buffalo NYC is not a place. I’m not sure what country you are in, but by your grammar and unfamiliarity with New York I suspect you're somewhere in Asia. And I suspect you aren’t covered in snow either.

    Upstate New Yorkers are very firm in differentiating themselves from NYC. The majority of New York State’s population is NOT in NYC, and they would prefer if you knew that. That’s just a fun fact for you.

    Also; I’m not upset that you aren’t fulfilling orders. I’m upset that your business isn’t communicating with your customers when you are so clearly able to. Instead of using this time to save face — or even get donations for Snowing relief — you’re just being rude.

    Stop crying and cancel my order. Or fulfill it. Ship it or cancel it. I’ve already asked.

    And here are some thing you can put on your site; since you clearly are having a tough time envisioning it:

    “Hi, US based orders are currently affected by severe weather patterns near our fulfillment centers, this has caused delays and we are unaware when orders can ship again. If you’d like to donate to relief for Buffalo, NY please visit [americanredcross / whatever]”

    And please don’t ask again what I want. I have answered you. If you can’t ship it, cancel it. No hard feelings.
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    Nov 29, 2013
    you need to learn little more patience...
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    Habbert I won't argue with that. But the impatient customers will gravitate towards the "US Based" "Fast Shipping" site, so you can't blame the fish for taking the bait.

    Edit And just to be clear - this site's whole premise is how they ship fast, within 1 day, etc. 7 days is a normal shipping window for most sites, that's why I chose this site to make a purchase.
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    Feb 3, 2014
    Not sure what your goal was, but I can see that the matter was handled in an unprofessional manner, even the way the email was handled from the manufacturer seemed unprofessional; like an email between buddies or something. But gotta say man, if i saw 6ft of snow or whatever monstrosity it was you can guarantee ill be chillin in the crib for the week lol
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    Oh for sure. I would be getting high and playing SSB Wii U. I wasn't remarkably kind or courteous either. I just find it hard to believe he's in "Buffalo NYC" and that he has the time to write all these emails and not say to his dev team: "Hey guys, we have a problem, let's tell people"
  6. retrofan_k

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    May 31, 2013

    I agree, based on that rant, there is some anger issues and immaturity.

    Waiting for like 7 days after ordering I can see an issue, if there was one. But two days is fuck all and give the guy a break, there was some heavy snow and lot happened there, so will cause delays.
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    Wow, you guys consider 7 days along time? Damn..... Australia people problems :P
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    Sure man — I don't contest this. I could have easily edited away parts to make myself look better, less immature, whatever. But I didn't because it's important to see this guy isn't being totally rude for no reason. Obviously there is a huge problem they're having upstate. But they will not tell you that, so I am.

    Am I the world's greatest person? No. Do I talk this way to friends / family / coworkers? No. Am I immature? Probably. Am I angry? A little - I work in eCommerce and deal with customers and fulfillment issues all the time. Some people are so much worse than me, some people are totally friendly and forgiving.

    But the bare bones here is I selected the site offering the best, fastest, shipping. I didn't get that - and if anyone on GBATemp orders from them - neither will they.

    Jao Chu I purposefully selected someone who'd ship from my same state. I met a guy in Adelaide who said it took two weeks for ANYTHING to get to him. Sorry about Aussie issues :(
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    We're shipping your order via dogsled.
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    jink84, don't worry.. I work as one of those fancy web developer sorts and agree with you whole heatedly. Well, at least I would have probably been a bigger ass about it but that's because I know I have severe anger issues :)
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    To be honest, this post actually encourages me buying from there~

    dont be a dick, shinji~
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    Mar 17, 2010
    That sounds pretty serious, you better call the GBAtemp Wambulance.
  13. linuxares

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    Aug 5, 2007
    I normally wait 2 weeks if a package is abroad. 7 days if it's domestic. Suggestion to OP, calm down.
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  14. Huntereb

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    Sep 1, 2013
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    That's a great support line, fuck these people.

    And I don't understand why people here are supporting it, either.
  15. khalaan

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    Jan 25, 2014
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    It isn't a fuck these people attitude from OPs standpoint, the way I see it, the seller has personal problems... OP not being the same person should not be impacted by them, either communicate vague delays or stop trying to half-ass business. When I'm getting paid to do a job my personal life has zero impact on my ability to complete it, they are two completely distinct areas of my person at play.
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    totally off topic but am I the only one who kept thinking MCD is McDonalds?

    Bruh, Im hungry
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    I usually abbreviate that to McD (notice the lowercase c) or McD's.
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    All I can think of with McDonalds is buying chicken nuggets from their drive through and driving 5 mins away and parking up to eat them and they forgot my sauce... Man they were some dry ass chicken nuggets and I was so fucking pissed, my gf was laughing all the way through me eating them being angry. fuck that clown.
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    Planet Earth :P

    Dude seriously!? haven't you seen the news!? Buffalo got buried and if I'm not mistaken, MCD's customer support IS based in asia (hence the poor grammar and buffalo, nyc etc). They ship from the US though, I've ordered from them before and their packages are shipped from Buffalo, NY. The weather is a perfectly reasonable explanation for the delay in shipment and for crying out loud, not even that much time passed by before you decide to chew out their customer support.

    I work in retail and I can tell you, that you can tell people to fix and update stuff (like on the website) all day long, but it doesn't mean it will get done. Give me a break...
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  20. justln

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    Aug 16, 2013
    I don't think either party is wrong. jink84 just wants a fast delivery and updates as a customer and MCD can't fulfil their deliveries due to the crazy weather. However, MCD should have sent a email to all affected customers.
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