Auto-Play Doesn't Let You Play?

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by ponygals, Jun 30, 2016.

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    Why is it that in a lot of PC games, mobile games, and other console based games, that it has the "auto" gameplay, where it plays for you, and it doesn't let you do anything? Why go and create a game, to only have the gamer, not be able to play the game, because it is playing itself for you? I don't get it.
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    Do you mean a gameplay demo like if you leave it on the title screen for too long? Or do you mean a game might have an auto play mode where it is only AI playing against AI? Or do you mean like some strategy games where you press a button and the AI plays for you for a while?

    For the former then it is basically free advertising if it is sitting in a shop/at a party (might have also been a screensaver of sorts), AI against AI I like seeing and can occasionally shake out some new strategies for all sorts of games, and AI plays for you for a while has a whole bunch of reasons. Said reasons can include not able to run the game (my PC back when was not enough to do total war battles but could do the world map part very well, I then used to kick the battles to the AI and play the world map part), people might not want to play (ever watched a let's play of a story driven game or read a script/plot synopsis, same deal really), could be a better option than cheats (just do this part for me sort of thing, especially if the player can not do something) and the list goes on.

    I can't say they ever appealed to me (I would have loved to do total war battles on my machine but hey) but I can see why some would like them.
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