Auto boot into USB loader GX?

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    I have a Wii U modded with Haxchi/CBHC, and while I can press the home button to bring up the boot menu and choose vWii, how can I set it up to then boot straight into USB Loader GX? Or is there a way to choose USB Loader GX from the Wii U home page?
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    there are some CBHC modded version with more options, but I didn't find one with vWii UNEO already in it.
    it's possible to add to CBHC, but you'll have to edit and recompile the sources, then reinstall/replace your CBHC version on WiiU.

    if you want to do it, you need to install the UNEO Forwarder on vWii, then create a new entry in CBHC to boot into that channel.
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    You could try this method.

    1. get this CBHC Mod (untested !)
    2. get hbl2hbc.elf here and rename to custom.elf, put in /wiiu/apps/custom/ folder
    3. get hbl2hbc.txt here, put on sd root, open in notepad, edit the line from LULZ=Homebrew Channel to UNEO=USBLoaderGX
    4. install the CBHC mod
    5. access boot menu and set autoboot to custom elf

    Be sure to have the vWii UNEO forwarder already installed on vWii.
    Note: autobooting into vWii usbgx forwarder might create issues with HDD not properly initializing.
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