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    Sep 17, 2012

    I was wondering if there is a format similar to .SPC (for snes spc700 sound data) or .NFS (for nes sound data) but for the DS's sound system. If not, is there any way to extract individual samples (and maybe even note data) from a rom, other than playing them and recording/capturing the audio? Sound output on the DS is dithered down to i think 10 or 12 bits, which results in a kind of annoying hiss......
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    Jan 16, 2012
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    Not sure about a technical extraction, but how were you trying to record it? I bought a male/male mic cable I haven't tried out yet to see if I can record off of KORG-DS10...
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    This is probably better suited to the ROM hacking section but hey we are here. A thread - summary is most audio on the DS uses the SDAT format (I add on the Runaway series using OGG files, Adventure time custom PCM wrapper format and Phantom Detective burying the SDAT in a subfile and I think I am up to date on all the known games using non SDAT or tweaks on that thread).

    File format aimed at the PC but for full audio replication- yeah it is called 2sf (though you might have to go on a little search for all the plugins)

    Plugins for foobar and I think winamp- exist for them (I mainly stick with the foobar stuff). Sadly it has not been updated in a few years and the desmume code it was based on was improved in the meantime.

    Actual hacker style methods (mainly midi with DLS) also exists if you want to go that route. For that we have VGMtrans although did appear the other day (though I believe it does not support the seldom used articulation features where VGMtrans might have).

    Lastly it is not always the dithering but the criminally low sample rates that causes issues in my experience.
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