Asphalt 2 Hacking

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    Aug 8, 2009
    I really like the arcade racing game Asphalt Urban GT 2 so I decided to look what's inside the game. I unpacked the ROM with DSbuff and, to my surprise, I found .mpg videos in the Videos directory. Most of them can be seen in the game's Tips menu.
    I encoded a video (MPEG-1 Video, 240kbps, 256x160@24fps, no sound) and replaced it with one in the Videos folder just for fun. And it worked... well, it played choppy but still [​IMG]
    Most of the game's data is stored in a .dat file in the ROM's data folder and has offset data in an .off file. I want to know how to open it so I can replace textures and stuff. What program should I use to unpack the .dat file?
    Thanks in advance.