Homebrew ARM11 exception when running compiled .3dsx files


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Oct 9, 2020
United States
So I just installed devkitpro and devkitARM with 3DS support on my Ubuntu machine. I want to port my GameBoy emulator to 3DS so I'm learning 3DS homebrew development.

However, when I run a compiled .3dsx example from devkitARM I'm getting an exception under odd circumstances: When I initially format the SD card and add just the essential 3DS homebrew/CFW files(3ds/, cias/, gm9/, luma/, boot.3dsx, boot.firm) and then add the .3dsx and .smdh files to 3ds/ it shows up without a question mark in HBL and runs normally. However, then when I make changes to it and replace the .3dsx and .smdh files on the SD card or when I try adding another compiled example to the SD card, that one shows up with a question mark in HBL and gives an exception when running(seen below).

Why the heck does it work the first time I put it on the SD card but then the next time I put a .3dsx and .smdh file in the SD card it no longer runs?

An exception occurred

Processor: Arm11 (core 1)
Exception type: data abort
Fault status: Translation - Page
Current process: rosalina (0000000000000000000)

Then it lists the register values and on the bottom screen shows a stack dump. I can't post pictures or links on this unfortunately because my gbatemp account is new.

I hope someone can help!
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