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    Nov 12, 2019
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    Hey guys,

    completely new to pc building and Lighting ive never done any so this is my first.
    SO ive built a new rig with 9 fans yet i can only get the first 3 to light i spent a day routing wires and plugging in most of it to realise i dont have a addressable header on my mobo. LOL (asus B150) and the hub i have a game max rgb hub.

    I have 4-4 pin fan connectors cha fan 1,2,3 and one unlabeled and on the case rgb controller i have 6 4 pin one for PWM (fan speed?) 5 additional rgb headers and 5 3 pin fan headers. strangely though the controller on the case daughter board has 5V ARGB header but its to MB in diagram so im assuming that its waiting for a digital signal? (E.G to ARGB header on motherboard that i am missing)

    my question is what to do with the second lot of fans they are made by game max also like the first 3 i bought but they're a different sku so it seems there ARGB so, can i not get these to light up now or not . I got them to spin by plugging in the 3 pins and the ones that wouldn't fit had molex. obviously this has left all the ARGB unplugged for now as i have no idea. I looked at a ARGB hub but i dont think that will connect to my MOBO either.

    also bonus question are 4 pin fan headers 12V or are they different to ARGB? as im tring to use asus aurasync for motherboard RAM and If Possible Fans/F,panel. for some reason i cannot get the motherboard to show up despite having tried to turn the PC to highest sleep state S5 and back to S4 but it made no difference at all. I can see is RAM another LOL (i feel like i wont be buying Asus again after this as its been a bad experience to be honest)

    sorry for the noobish question the lights have been a nightmare to be honest. the PC build was pretty easy if you read enough before hand but i didnt see this coming as the fans have the same 3 and 4 pin wiring its confusing.

    anything ive not explained clearly feel free to ask ive been up for 24 hours at this point looking and fiddling so sorry if my writing is a bit bad :)
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