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    Jan 16, 2017
    I Don't Know If This Thread Should Be In Rom Hacking And Translations Or Somewhere Else

    Recorded Using A New 3DS XL

    I Went To Load Up My Old Action Replay DS And It Was On The This Product Is Not Licensed Screen For More Longer Than It Should Be So I Thought I Will Turn Off The System And Try Again But Before I Turned It Off It Loaded With No Codes And No Games So I Blowed On The Cartridge Thinking It Couldn't Read The SRAM Correctly And Then The Same Thing Happened I Lost All Of My Games And Codes! Luckly It Wasn't Bricked! Going To Not Add All Of The Games But Some Of The Games I Own! ^_^

    Video Link:

    Edit: I Put Some Of My Games On The ARDS So Now I Can Start Hacking Again! ^_^
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