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    Hey ya'll,

    Are they're any tempers out thurr who are web developers / site owners? For the past month, I've been working on a new project. It's a content management system written in PHP. It runs on a modified version of the Simple PHP Framework and a heavily modified version of the PHP theming engine Enrober. It will/does offer simplicity and flexibility for designers and developers alike. It's aimed at smaller sites for people with portfolio websites, small business sites, developer sites, blogs, and other personal sites. This is not an amateur project, I know what I am doing.

    IMPORTANT: It is still in a very pre-alpha type state. All the basic stuff works right now. Page loading (no blog stuff yet (soon though)), error handling, user authentication. most of the documentation is contained in the source itself. You should have some basic knowledge of PHP if you want to get this running. There is still no content administration backend yet, so you should be comfortable using phpMyAdmin or a similar tool for your database server.

    The code:
    What it offers you:
    • Integrates extremely well with existing designs and content. (Make designs the way you want)
    • Your designs are not restricted by any sort of forced API usage.
    • Many database backend options.
    • SPEED ('Tis quite fast)
    • Rails-style URL routing allowing many, many different routing options, styles, and methods.
    What I want from you:
    • Follow the project on Github (it will likely get to a more user friendly state in a few weeks)
    • Test it in a NON-PRODUCTION environment if you feel like you know how to implement it.
    • Submit feature requests and bug reports. (error messages are extremely helpful)
    • If you think you understand how everything works, feel free to submit some code.
    • I'm not actively seeking developers, unless you have a good handle on how the project works and how all the pieces fit together.
    • I am looking for someone to make a default theme for the project. Look at the README on my Github for further information.
    How to respond/contact me (Do NOT PM me)
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  2. Ron

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    Dec 10, 2009
    Can I see a sample website? Or just some screens?
  3. TeenDev

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    Apr 29, 2007
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    Screenshot of my development version of my site, using ArcaneCMS

    You'll see the exact same thing on my live site despite the fact that my live site is just static. That's sort of the point of Arcane. It's all in the background and not apparent to the user. You could add Arcane to your site and no one would notice that you did. It would look the same.

    I would show you screenshots of the administration side, but I haven't added an adminstration page yet. As this is still pre-alpha type work, I manage all the content through a MySQL or SQLite database editor.