Apple Magic Trackpad Driver for windows X86/X64

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    Look at the Flag...
    Maybe you did notice many website talks about the availability of Magic Trackpad drivers for windows...

    But once you download them and double click... Yes... this is only for windows running through BootCamp.

    You want to use your magic trackpad on your PC? You simply need to extract the drivers from the package, here is how you do this:

    Get the 32Bit/64Bit version depending on your windows version:

    Magic Trackpad Driver 32bit
    Magic Trackpad Driver 64bit

    Then download latest version of 7zip (9.10) (google is you friend) and open it once to set up the preference for the contextual menu.

    (I'll only describe the procedure for the 32bit version, but I suppose it's exactly the same for the 64bit).

    Locate the BootCamp update you just downloaded it's name should be "BootCamp_3.1.35_X86.exe" for the 32 bit version.

    Right click then choose "7zip/ Extract to "/BootCamp_3.1.35_X86"

    Open that folder, find the file called "[0]" it's a little more than 6MB, right click /7zip/ extract to "[0]".

    Now inside that folder there is a file called "BootCampUpdate32.msp", guess what? Yes! right click 7zip/extract to "BootCampUpdate32"

    Inside that folder there is many folders, but some are more interresting than others, try for example "BootCamp3135fToBootCamp3135", others are similar, only the letter after "3135" change, I guess this is the language.

    Open that folder and have a look at "Binary.AppleWirelessTrackpad_Bin", and do the final right click/ 7zip/extract to"Binary"

    Have a look inside, BINGO! here are your windows drivers, just click on "DPInst.exe" and follow the instructions, and have fun! [​IMG]