anyway to make savestates from another user playable

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    because of some reasons, i had to start a new PSN account and now it says i cant load my save games because they are not my own.
    Is there any way to trick my ps3 ?
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    yes, but the first tool (PS3 Save Unlocker) didn't work with all games.

    corwin75 made a new one recently : PARAM Edit
    I don't know if it works with more/all games.

    French version
    1.1, 1.2 (link to 1.2 didn't work for me, it loaded my own account).
    English translated version
    1.1 translated by TizzyT

    You'll need to create a new save with your new account.
    It will merge the old account's save data into the save you want to use (the one from your new account).

    I didn't try it yet.

    Here the developer's message:

    Version 1.2: