Hacking Anyregion changer - FW 4.2E to JP ?


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Nov 30, 2010
United States

I have a Wii FW 4.2E with a WODE, and have successfully followed the tutorial "Modify ANY Wii 4.3 & below".

I enabled the free region hacks, but I have some problems with JP games :

Some don't display any text, (F-Zero GX - JP)
Some display the text in FR (the langage of my Wii), even if it is a Japanese game (Final Fantasy 4 the years after - JP)
Some don't works at all ...

I presume the problem is that my Wii menu is in French and not Japanese, also I presume that the Japanese font is not even installed.

So, is there a way to install the Japanese langage on my Wii ? the best would be a package that will add the Japanese langage to the wii menu (currently there is 6 langage, but no japanese).

is there a way to change the region of my wii to japan ? I don't care if my wii become 100% japanese
(interested only in JP games / GC and WII)

I have found this tool http://wiibrew.org/wiki/AnyRegion_Changer

But I don't know if I can install it on a 4.2e console, also, there is risk of bricking my console, is this the solution I'm looking for ? do I need to install 4.2 JP firmware files ? how ? please help T.T

Thanks in advance

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