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Discussion in 'NDS - Console and Game Discussions' started by katykat5099, Apr 8, 2017.

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  1. katykat5099

    katykat5099 Member

    Oct 19, 2016
    Hey! Yesturday I was trying to fix 2 games that have not been working for years and discovered something that is probably to most random thing I've come across for a while.

    I was fixing Pokemon Diamond & White. Pokemon White was having a problem that it could not read the save data... and Pokemon Diamond had a problem where it couldn't read the game data. So, I thought that white would NEVER work again and same with Diamond. But I started to play around with some rubbing alcohol. I cleaned the games by taking them out of the cart and put them back in to test. First time I did that it didn't work, but second time I did it again but I really cleaned it that time and wow Pokemon white is working. Pokemon Diamond was working after that as well and ever since I've had to problem (Although my dad did solder Pokemon Diamond and stuff and sanded it down and that also probably helped.) but the weirdest thing happened.

    Me and my dad were looking at Pokemon white together and we assumed that it wouldn't work again, and just because it's working now doesn't mean anything, it could just be by fluke. We were wrong. It was not by fluke, because after we took the game out and put it back in.. doesn't work. We took the game out of the cart and cleaned it again and it works. My guess is the game has a time limit to how long it will work now. But what is with Rubbing Alcohol that makes POKEMON WHITE work every time! It has a read error! It can't read save data from the flash memory and rubbing alcohol makes it suddenly able to!? That makes no sense! Is there something in it or something? I'm very confused.

    Also I hope you like my detailed, totally not pointless story or anything.

    Rubbing Alcohol is weird.
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  2. migles

    migles GBAtemp Guru

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    Sep 19, 2013
    yeah i know it doesn't make sense..
    like blowing in cartridges.. some people claim it's just the act of reinserting the cartridge that makes it work, however i always try to re-insert before blowing on it, and very very rarely works... and i also tested to clean the contacts and insert it again. but no use, it needs to be blowed..
    some people theorize since the blowing is humid, it makes the contacts making the connection but in a long term it makes them oxidate more easily... so this is not a good solution... but so far is the most effective method i had tried...

    i will suggest to check the console slot as well.. if you have another ds\3ds check if the same thing happens.. so you can rule out the console is not the issue..

    it's not the alcohol is weird, the deal of cartridges and even optical media is weird.. as for myself i just give up understanding it because sometimes is just randomness... and if the games are not that expensive and my own games\consoles are in a bad shape, it's time to get new ones as backup..
    theese common old consoles are cheap enough to buy a secondary one and keep the worst one in an attic for parts or to have them last longer...
    heh, i have a unnopened pokemon diamond in a box and i already had the game as an example..
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  3. katykat5099

    katykat5099 Member

    Oct 19, 2016
    Yes I did try on MANY consoles lol.
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