Anyone else USA RMA process their dock?

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    Apr 4, 2017
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    I unboxed my switch and my dock was bent in horribly, no where near straight so I was terrified of even jamming my switch in there and scratching it up. So I RMA'd it. Nintendo did receive this on Wednesday morning 8AM. Had it all Wednesday and today. The Nintendo specialist on the phone when I first called to set this up advised me they would upgrade me to overnight shipping. They lied they have it set to 2nd day air UPS (how it got there) - I assume when they mail it back it will be ground as well. So it's not looking promising. My next concern is I've been playing on portable since I got it last Friday. I just want to play it on my TV. What's the current turn around rate for them to send out a new dock. It currently says "Repair in service", they aren't going to take apart my dock. I would imagine just mail a freaking new one. What the LAKJSDLKAJLKDJSA thanks!