Any solution to my bricked wii?


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May 31, 2022
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
I bought a 2nd hand wii (4.3J Japan version) and install bootmii as Boot2 and Priiloader for few months. I used Priiloader to load cfg loader direct without loading wii menu.

Normally I played US games. One month before, I tried some new Japanese games which do not work for me and often need switched off wii by pressing power button for a while or switch off the power supply. Suddenly my wii remotes did not work and stay at cfg loader screen.

I tried to use usb keyboard to set Prilloader to load back wii menu but the wii nenu did not show but only black screen.

I tried to use Bootmii to restore my own Nand backup file. After several restoration, black screen still existed.

I searched this site and found ohneschwanzenegger maybe helpful and tried to restore but in vain. Maybe due to switch off wii too many times, the power supply failed.

Later I found it may be due to bluetooth problem too. So I ordered a power supply and 2 bluetooth modules for replacement.

Few days ago, I replaced my wii with the power supply and bluetooth module and then I tried to restore my own Nand backup file again.

However, when wii was restoring Nand backup, I moved my wii and then the TV screen became messy and I did not see anything moving. I waited for a while but no choice to power off the power supply, despite I saw the warning not to switch of the power.

After pressing the button, the power light changed to green (with disc player light switched on once and then off). No fan was moving. No bootmii menu showed up!

Then I tried to replace another bluetooth module and searched this site again. I found and use cboot2 with wii mod 3.2(?) to re-install system menu 4.3J. I tried to add ios 56/57 in 249/250 but in vain. I installed priiloader to another sdcard and then loaded d2x-cIOS-Installer-Wii to install ios but in vain too. The fan was moving now but if I remove the sdcard, black screen only showed.

Any idea? I think if I need to buy wifi module to replace the old one.

Thank you all in advance!
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