Any recommended satellite Internet providers?

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    Currently I'm on dsl, 3Mbps down. thats the best I can get in this area. The problem is that over the past year its gotten a lot slower. Almost dail up speeds. I'm ready to drop them.

    So I'm thinking about trying out a Sat internet provider, any recommendations. I know most of the data caps are crap so I'm more interested in what kind of speeds I can get after the data caps have been reached.

    The research I've been doing suggest HugesNet or Exede would be best. Thoughts? Costs?

    Update: Guess I'm staying on my current service, Exede is not accepting anymore subscribers in my area, and hugesnet after reading their fine print I'm unwilling to use them. They require a 2 year commitment with a insane early termination fee. If they can't offer some kind of trial\grace period, or just a 1 year commitment instead of 2. I'm unwilling to be stuck for 2
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