Any programmer out there for a quick (or not so quick) help

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    Thread title is awesome, I know, should be made into a movie.
    Anyway, here is my problem, I am trying to make a 2D platform in Unity, I managed to make the tiles and colliders for the stages, and my friend animated the hero sprite using anima2d.
    Now I got my project file with the levels and collisions, and I imported a package with the walking and idle animations from him.
    I literally have no idea of what to do next.
    I need to make a script to call the idle animation, and to switch to the walking animation when the player moves.

    So here is the breakdown:

    - levels are ok, with all colliders and stuff
    -animations are finished with anima2d, character has a rigid body and a collider
    -our coder has quit

    -I have to make our hero move, jump,attack etc

    Really, anything you got for me is useful, I am not very good at programming, but I can learn rather quickly

    Any help is appreciated, thank you tempers!
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