Animal Crossing New Leaf: The Dream Code Thread

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    Finding that out myself.
    The Dream Suite
    Post your Animal Crossing New Leaf Dream Codes here to share with all of us.​
    Your town will be rated too.​
    So start posting your favourite towns and rate them.​
    Dream Code?
    You can share your town with other players so they can explore and do what they want to their hearts content and it doesn't affect your real town. You can do this by building the Dream Suite. And any player can visit your town, don't worry about your flowers or anything, it's just a dream.​
    How to post the Dream Code
    Post the code in this thread including the actual dream code and if possible, give a rating.​
    It's that simple. You can post your thoughts too but it won't be recorded in this post.​
    ex: 0000-0000-0000 (x/10)​
    You can rate the towns listed here or the one you suggest in your current post out of 10.​
    5 or lower counts for a ok town, 3 or lower is awful, 1 is shit, over 5 is good, over 8 is awesome, 10 is excellent.​
    ex: rating/10​
    The Dream Code Database:
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    Fine I guess I'll join. mine is in my sig