Animal crossing cheats dont work.

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  1. floobmonsrake

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    May 18, 2009
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    hello everyone. For some reason my animal crossing cheats are not working. I have searched for a thread that would help me with this, but to my own suprise did not find one. Whenever I load my game with the cheats selected, the game plays exactly like it would have if i had never selected the cheats in the first place. Now this problem has been with me since I used an r4 so it wasnt working on that either. I am using akaio 1.5 on my acekard 2i, my cheat file is gbatemps wonderful cheat database. In the past I have tried using a different rom but no luck there. Soft reset and cheats are enabled. I am pretty far in the game as well. If anyone could help me with this problem it would be greatly appretiated.

    Yeah, and sorry about my bad spelling.
  2. basher11

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    Jun 29, 2009
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    i got this problem too, i have an r4 also. dont use the cheats, use acmapeditor to edit stuff. its easier, trust me