android 4.x note 3 - unblock pasting from apps?

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    hello, is there a way to unblock an app from not letting you paste password like u can browsers?
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    Android does not always copy and paste between some apps. When copy and paste does not work, Android users have found many creative solutions. Sometimes the copy and paste function on a virtual keyboard will work when the inbuilt function does not. A copy and paste app is a reliable backup. See the suggestions below under Copy and Paste Apps for Android.

    If your device is low on memory, it may not perform some operations such as copy and paste. Individual documents may prohibit copying. Many people use PDF software because it is easy to encrypt with restrictions. Enterprise systems can restrict copying. Oracle’s New Mobile Security Suite for Android has the ability to limit operations. As a data loss prevention feature, it can limit copy, paste and print features.

    If copy and paste does not work within an app, the problem may be the app. It is not unheard of for new software releases to have such bugs and glitches. You can usually find a solution and report the problem on online forums. Keep in mind that some apps do not have a copy and paste function. Facebook is an example. Facebook wants you to share information with friends.

    CopiePe allows users to save frequently used words and sentences, and use a timestamp. Extended clipboards conveniently sit in the status bar and/or can easily be called up with a shortcut key.

    With Copy and Share, you can easily share the clipped text with others through a link to sharing applications.

    Multi Copy Paste saves all of your clipped text. If you accidentally copy over copy text, you now have a way of recovering it.