An idea I've been pondering regarding Rayman 3D

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    So admittedly this is a bit of a spitball in terms of the actual idea and it was just something that came to mind when I was playing Rayman 3D recently. I've started to notice just how bad the port is compared to other versions of Rayman 2, as it suffers from jittery framerates, super-bitcrushed audio and a bug that prevents the player from getting the 1000th lum in the Tomb of the Ancients.
    In short, how easy/hard would it be to fix at least some of these issues, if at all? The music I feel would be the easiest to fix, as one would just need to restore rips in some fashion from the native Dreamcast version the 3DS port bases itself around. The framerate would be tricky, but an easy fix would be to have it utilize the extra horsepower of the New 3DS. The lum bug is a bit of an oddball, since it's the platform that gets you to it that's bugged. Simply put, it's supposed to be a trampoline spider web. But the game treats it as a hard surface, rendering the 1000th lum impossible to reach.
    What are your thoughts? I know that this might all be moot and/or impossible but I mostly wanted to raise the questions out of blind curiosity since it's a rather niche insight.
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    It honestly depends on what's broken and what we have access to. Replacing music files isn't an impossible task since we've done it for several games in the past, but we still have our limits. The biggest limit being that we don't have the source code in order to properly optimize the game to the system, which is unfortunate since Ubisoft did a pretty poor job at porting this game.
    But who knows, maybe someone can find some way around these limits.
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    The 1000th lum is possible to collect, I remember that I was jumping and eventually somehow glitched my way to grab it, just the moment you do the game crashes (I assume it's missing the sound file for when you grab it?). I'm kinda not surprised that it doesn't exactly work, that lum is kinda easy to forget.

    With the music however you may be on good track, it'd all depend on what music format is used on 3DS, it's possible that all we'd have to do is just rip and convert music from any other version.

    Framerate, well, did anyon try the game with enabled faster clock in Luma settings? I don't have my N3DS at hand to test it at the moment