1. PityOnU

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    Jul 5, 2012
    United States
    I've been looking into getting a HTPC for some time, and really wanted something that was a small form factor, low power consumption, yet still able to play some games.

    I had found an ideal match with the Arctic MC101 since it has an AMD APU that I could upgrade all the way to the new A10-5750m while still sipping power and looking amazing.

    Unfortunately, while waiting for the unit to go on sale, I waited way too long and the company is now out of stock and doesn't look to be producing anymore.

    Does anyone know of any good alternatives along this vein? I was looking at the Intense PC for a while prior but holy crap that is expensive.

    P.S. - For the record, Arctic customer support is amazing and they said they could throw together one of the European models for me that they had lying around and send me the US parts for free later on, but I'd be paying European prices (equivalent of $600 US for the barebones model which was previously $400 on their site) which doesn't work well for me as an American. Very nice guys, though.
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