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Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by Dr.Aqua, May 29, 2011.

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    Don't get me wrong, the mastroka file format is great for my own desktop use. To stream over dlna not so much. What's a better format? Most of my videos are softsubbed anime and i would like to stay away from hardsubbing.
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    MP4 has softsub support, though I don't know if it's limited to one or if it can have multiple embedded.
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    I would steer clear of trying to subtitle/captioning MP4- has about as nice an intro to the subject as I have ever seen.

    I would also steer clear of dlna- a worse/more limp wristed standard I have not seen in several years now. Still if you must suffer it then many players will support some of the softsub formats- it might involve converting to a near plain text format (SRT or something or even a simplified version of that). If you can beat your player into using SMB or something good do so as you will have a far easier existence. XBMC has got exceptionally good these last couple of years (PC and original xbox) as have some of the offshoots- it will run on just about any old junker too.